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Automated repair [drones] that repair your ship to be like new

If we can save our ships to a blueprint, it'd also be great to see an automated ship-repair functionality that would put work into reverting your ship to its blueprint shape.


So, look at it this way: you've just escaped from combat, you've just dented your ship in an asteroid field, or you're crawling away from a battle you just won with heavy damage taken. Activate the automated repair function, and you and your repair robots will get to hover around and fix the holes in your ship.


To help guide yourself on what still needs fixing until the ship is in default blueprint shape, holograms will show what blocks used to be where, so you can rebuild ship segments without bots.


You could even have this running in the middle of combat! Activate it and the destructible repair bots will swarm around your ship trying to fix it under fire. Be sure to give them the materials they need to replace lost pieces! Build new bots once they're destroyed!



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